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Mixed-Media Artist. Living in Vancouver, BC. Lover of design, wool, and the big picture. Dedicated to the second-hand and the handmade. Creator of a better world, little by little.
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I’ve recently been commissioned to do a mural for a local restaurant. I say restaurant, but OrganicLIves is so much more than a restaurant.

OrganicLives is a revolutionary concept in food. They are a raw, vegan, organic restaurant that is walking the talk when it comes to health, taste, and sustainability. They even compost all of the waste from their restaurant and their manufacturing plant and send it back to the farms that supply them. They are proving that there is no excuse why every restaurant can’t move in this direction.

Highly exciting. Check them out.

Organic Lives
1829 Quebec St
Vancouver, BC V5T
Neighbourhood: Mount Pleasant
778) 588-7777